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north by north water street: California passes bill to ban shark fin and trade once and for all


“Shark Savers is pleased to announce that the world’s embattled shark populations got a reprieve today as the California state Senate passed a historic bill to protect all shark species from the environmentally destructive shark fin trade. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 25 to 8. It now…


What is up with these sharks in San Diego?!

  • They’re migrating to warmer waters to birth their young.
  • When at the beach, you’re only ever about a half mile away from a shark.
  • Sharks need to eat, too; the supposed children’s pool in La Jolla is full of shark food.
  • Seals are yummy for sharks.
  • Stupid people confuse sharks and dolphin dorsal fins. 
  • The ocean is the natural habitat for sharks.
  • And, as usual, the media is playing it up and blowing things way out of proportion.
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