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A Southern California community college evacuated part of its campus after a student told an instructor she and her family had been quarantined for possible exposure to Ebola — a story she made up so she would not be dropped for missing class, school officials say.

ahahaha holy shit, what ever happened to “my car wouldn’t start”



This beautiful gem is my 18 year old sister, Jacquelyn Bradley. She has been missing for 36 hours. She is 5’5”, 120lbs and has green eyes. Last heard she was headed to Venice Beach in California. She bought gas in Maxwell on Monday, August 4th, 2014. She has contacted no one since Sunday. This is an emergency because she has attempted suicide twice in the past six months. We are worried she is going to harm herself or someone may take advantage of her. Anyone in California area please keep your eyes open for her. A missing persons report has been filed. Please call the police if you see her or email me and I just want to her voice again.

repost please!

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