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Denny’s had this promotion on Twitter where followers had to RT their Tweet with a hashtag of where you live. So I did: “#SanDiego RT @DennysDiner blahblahblahblah” whatever-their-Tweet said.

Honestly, I’m not thathuge a fan of the LOTR trilogy. Not as much as Amy and Melissa. I still nerd out and stuff, though, you know? Sure I wanna watch “The Hobbit” and the other two prequels Jackson squeezed outta Warner Bros., but I could’ve waited until next week, when the hardcore fans had already seen the movie ‘cause I’m thoughtful like that.

I didn’t even think I’d win. Given the market I live in (Southern California), I really didn’t think that I had a chance, more so after I read the official rules and whatnot. Denny’s was giving away 30 pairs of tickets throughout Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, and Phoenix (five pairs for each city).

I won a pair of tickets to see “The Hobbit” in IMAX for tonight.


I’ve been geeking the fuck out since Friday to the point that I’ve had to stop talking, take a few deep breaths, then continue talking at a slower rate so I could be remotely coherent. I’ve also found that my ability to spell AND type has gone out the fucking window. Add that to my (undiagnosed) Dyslexianess? Psh, you don’t know how long it actually took me to type this out. And right now??! I can’t even eat.. And that says a lot about my level of excitement given how much I LOVE food and eating. My mom reminded me to eat. That never happens. O_O

I was gonna take Amy, but she works tonight. So Jordan and I are going. When I told him I was taking him if Amy couldn’t go, he said that he’d been waiting for me to tell him that. When I told him that Amy works, he texted me back with “Rad!” XP

It’s all set. The event passes (front of the line!) are printed out, Jordan’s picking me up around 5pm pst, and we’re watching the pre-screening of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” at 7pm pst. Although, I do have some things to do around the house beforehand.. But still…


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What Happens in an Internet Minute

Via Intel:

In just one minute, more than 204 million emails are sent. Amazon rings up about $83,000 in sales. Around 20 million photos are viewed and 3,000 uploaded on Flickr. At least 6 million Facebook pages are viewed around the world. And more than 61,000 hours of music are played on Pandora while more than 1.3 million video clips are watched on YouTube.

All in all, that’s 625 terabytes of information sloshing about the tubes each minute.

Whoa. That is all. Whoa. -Savy



Donate your profile for ONE DAY to help rewrite the story of malnutrition.

Your donation will help Doctors Without Borders draw attention to the crisis of childhood malnutrition that affects 195 million children around the world.

Donating your profile lets the “Starved for Attention” app post up to three messages on your Facebook or Twitter profile over the course of 24 hours. You will also have the option of changing your profile picture to add the “rewrite the story” message.

 Done and done!

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