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Epic work story update: 

There’s a bloodstain on the wall where April’s head bounced off of. It looks a little like Mexico. I’d try to get a picture of it, but I’m not allowed to use my phone while at work. 

Also, April wasn’t some barely-21-year-old. She’s well into her 30’s, maybe early to mid 40’s. As horrible as everything was, she should know her limits.  

Everything was well documented, too. Its procedure when something like this happens at the ballpark. I don’t know what ended up happening afterward, though. 

Looks like J and I are planning on going to Cancun in June or July. My dad and stepmom will be in Germany, so we’ll stay at their apartment.

I’m trying not to be excited over this trip ‘cause plans usually don’t pan out when they involve my dad. But since he married his current wife, shit’s getting done and I’m allowing myself a little hope. 

Also, hurricanes are not the business, so I’m trying to go before the season starts. 

My first day of work at Petco is tomorrow; Padres vs the Dodgers. Game is sold the fuck out. 

I’m actually pretty excited since I haven’t had work in a while. Only thing is that the powers that be never gave me my shirt, nametag, or hat. I don’t know where in the stadium I’m working, either. Zero hands-on training. I don’t know wtf I’ll even be doing. All I can assume is that it’ll be similar to my zoo job.

shitamylikes is in the same boat. If they don’t call us with further instructions, we’re planning on showing up an hour before game time to try and get shit situated. 

Tomorrow ought to be interesting. 

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