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Tsunami Ghost Ship Haunts Canada Coast

As an eerie reminder of the tragedy that befell the Japanese people over 12 months ago, a 150-ft (46-meter) Japanese fishing boat has been spotted on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, floating aimlessly off the coast of the Haida Gwaii islands, British Columbia.

In the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11, 2011, up to eight million tons of wreckage was washed out to sea — 2 million of which is thought to still be floating on the surface.

The “ghost ship” has been traced back to a Hokkaido squid fishing company, which confirmed that no one was thought to have been on board before the tsunami struck.

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A Year After the Quake, a Moment of Silence for Japan

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami, GOOD will join the Japan Society of New York in observing a moment of silence led by Ambassador Shigeyuki Hiroki, Japan’s consul general in New York, at 2:46 p.m. this Sunday, March 11. We invite you to join us, wherever you are. At 2:46 p.m. in your time zone, take a minute to reflect on the incredible challenge facing Japan.

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